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Equipment Customization

Trieskey Mechanical, Inc.

We are happy to consult on any modifications you are interested in doing.

Upgrading and/or refurbishing equipment can add to the longevity of the chamber and the ability to conduct a wider range of test parameters.

A new controller can make your chamber easier to operate.  We specialize in controller and instrumentation retrofits for more optimum control of ovens and chambers.  This can convert your equipment to the newest technology.

We can also retrofit or add a high-low temperature limit for product safety that may prevent loss of product and important test time due to a chamber runaway.  These controls can notify via alarm an unwanted temperature condition in the chamber.

Addition of ports on ovens allows the end user to place a thermocouple on the part(s) in the oven and connect the other end to a meter outside the oven.  This allows for the part temperature to be monitored during the test.